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Skilled and results-oriented digital marketing specialist in Saudi Arabia. Hi, I am Naufia, and let’s boost your business to the next level.


Tremendous usage of internet

The internet has become an elixir of our lives. With billions of people browsing the internet, it has become a one-stop place for businesses to connect with each other.

Accurate Trageting of Audiences

Digital Marketing allows you to target your audiences at a micro level, and with data-driven tactics, we can reach our potential customers and get measurable results. 

Real time Engagement

With the help of social media channels and digital marketing tools, businesses respond to their customers in real time building the brand’s authority and credibility and trust factor.

How i can help you as a Digital Marketing Specialist?

website designing

Building Stunning Websites

A Business is not a Business if it does not have any address in the online space. As a digital marketing specialist, I build visually pleasing and conversion focussed websites in WordPress and Shopify, according to your business specifications.

  • Domain and hosting setup.
  • WordPress Installation.
  • Static and Dynamic websites.
  • E-commerce websites in Shopify.
  • Seo-friendly websites.
  • Website redesigning.
  • Website maintenance.

A Digital Marketer plays a pivotal role in growing your business through web design and development. Let me make it clear what exactly I will do to build an amazing website and hence grow your leads and sales.

  1.  I will begin by designing a visually appealing and user-friendly website that aligns with your brand’s identity and your target audience. The optimization part includes the responsive web design and also making your website SEO-friendly for online visibility.
  2.  Navigation and user experience is the most important part of a responsive website. I will make sure that your website is user-friendly by integrating strategic calls to action, less jargon, and more human content so that is easy for the end user to take action.
  3.  Data is king and as a digital marketer, I will make sure that the data I receive from insights are properly implemented to improve the website performance. A digital marketer always makes sure that the website is a proper funnel for attracting, converting, and retaining customers.
  4.  Implementing all the digital marketing strategies while keeping the end user in mind will give you a highly converting and profound website that keeps you ahead of the game.

A website plays a vital role in any business. Just like you have an address in the offline world, your business needs an address in the online world. Slide into the know more button, while I show you what are the important parts of a website and how to build a highly converting website.


Running targetted ads on facebook and google

A Digital marketing specialist always sees that the brand message is targetting the right audience through strategic campaign planning.

  • Pixel set up.
  • Domain verification.
  • Creating ad creatives for running ads.
  • Keyword research for Google ads.
  • A/B testing.
  • Performance tracking.
  • Ad compliance.
  • Reporting.

You can always grow your business through organic methods like content creation with blogs, email marketing social media postings, and YouTube videos, but organic methods take time and if you need faster and quicker results, your business must switch to advertisements. A digital marketing expert will significantly grow your business by running targeted ads on all social media platforms like Facebook/Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, Google, etc. depending on the business’s marketing budget and needs.

  • An advertising specialist always knows what’s best for the business. He/She begins by understanding the ideal audience, considering the demographics, interests, and behavior.
  • The next step is to create compelling ad creatives that speak directly to your ideal audience and strategically increase the reach and engagement.
  • Who is a digital marketing expert without data right? So, the next step would be to analyze the data and use these data metrics to decide which campaigns are working best and which are not. A study of the data will also help us understand better if our budget is allocated effectively or not.
  • As an advertising specialist, your focus should be on two key terms and that is conversions and ROI (return on investment).

If you are a business owner and plan to generate leads and grow your business through advertisements, then here are the important things to keep in mind before making your ads live. Slide into the know more section to read more about running ads on social media platforms like facebook and instagram.


Whatsapp Marketing

Your first customers are probably your friends or relatives and what better platform than WhatsApp for building an online business? As a digital marketing specialist, I make sure that your customers in WhatsApp are targeted through personalized WhatsApp messages.

Before switching to all platforms like Facebook/Instagram, Snapchat, Google, and TikTok, stop underestimating WhatsApp as a channel just for communication and use WhatsApp as a channel for personalized communication and building business too.

Building a business on WhatsApp can be a little strategic since people use WhatsApp for conversation and not for getting spammed with offers and discounts. With a strong WhatsApp marketing strategy, your business can generate extra revenue through WhatsApp in a polite manner.

  1.  A WhatsApp marketing specialist will begin by first creating an engaging and responsive business profile on WhatsApp.
  2.  By creating personalized and timely messages, we can nurture customer relationships, answer queries, and provide seamless support.
  3.  By implementing proper WhatsApp marketing strategies like broadcast lists and WhatsApp automation tools like Watti or Interakt, we can send targeted promotions updates, and exclusive offers directly to interested customers.
  4.  Running a business on WhatsApp might not be so easy, so a WhatsApp marketing specialist always sees WhatsApp compliances, and policies and unlocks the potential for customer loyalty, real-time communication, and hence business expansion.

If you want to grow your business on WhatsApp here is a checklist of what all information must be kept in mind for building an effective and hassle-free business on WhatsApp. Slide into the Know More section to learn more about Whatsapp strategies and techniques to grow on Whatsapp.

Look at what my clients have to say and decide?

Choosing Naufia for our company website design work was the best decision we made. As a digital marketing specialist, she knew how to bring our vision to light with her creativity and website designing expertise. Thank you, Naufia, for your exceptional work!

Shamnad Sharaf


Working with Naufia on building our website for Adaams Group was an absolute pleasure. Her expertise in web development and design truly made her an asset to our team. I highly recommend Naufia for anyone looking to create a professional and impactful online presence.

Shameer Abdul Wahab


Naufia was an absolute gem to work with in building our auto parts and marine parts website.  Her digital marketing expertise and dedication were evident from the start, and she seamlessly translated our ideas into a visually stunning and user-friendly website. I highly recommend Naufia for anyone looking to create a top-notch website.

Hafiz khan


My Clients

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Who is a digital Marketing Specialist ?

A Digital Marketing Specialist is responsible for maintaining a company’s or a brand’s growth through various marketing campaigns. Their duties include performing market research, strategizing with other marketing professionals and creating content to aid in the success of marketing campaigns. 

Do you really need a digital marketing specialist for your business?

Yes, you need a digital marketing specialist if you have a small business and your marketing budget is low to medium.You need someone to execute certain digital marketing tasks and campaigns. Only an expert with these skills like SEO, social media and email marketing can help you achieve success and grow your small business.

How can a digital marketing specialist help you in growing your business?

The digital marketing specialists will compare the marketing campaigns and advertising budgets with your competitive business and take actionable steps to grow your business.

What services do you offer as a digital marketing specialist?

A digital marketing specialist offers various services like Web Design and Development, SEO, email marketing, and SMM through various market research and competitive studies.

How can you avail the services of the Digital Marketing Specialist?

The digital marketing industry is booming and if your business does not have an online presence, you are losing lots of money on the table. Stop wasting your time thinking about your competitors and leave the Digital marketing hat to me. Just mail at and i will get back to you.

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